Monday, July 14, 2008


Earlier we at UB issued a broadside to Sharon Mesmer--who we deemed to be a novice appreciator of the glorious Unicorn Boner. But we are happy to report that she is a full fledged veteran of Unicorn Bonerdom. Check it:

An excerpt from her poem


..."Every day I feel a little horny"
is clearly a nod to the unicorn boner --
solidarity with all things happy
and fluffy
and horny.

As pink, as new, and as loud
as a moist newborn Unicorn boner.
And when you follow your moist newborn unicorn boner
boners will occur
where you would not have thought there were boners,
and where there wouldn't be boners for anyone else...

She is the motherfucking John McCain of Unicorn Boners, if Jon McCain weren't such a pussy, and Unicorn Boners were like torture and if they had fathered an illegitimate black baby--Barack Obama.

So to be clear: Sharon Mesmer is awesome, loves Unicorn Boners, and John McCain is Barack Obama's father. And Barack Obama is black.

I'm happy to add Sharon's blog to our roll.

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